Enterprise Resource Planning

Want a better insight into your company's business? Increase profitability by working more efficiently and improving productivity? We can help you. We have large range of experience delivering business systems based on Microsoft Dynamics.

insight into the business

A good business system, or the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, must support your organization's work processes and streamline them. We at Sigma IT Consulting, work primarily with the Microsoft Dynamics business system and have done so for a very long time. Therefore, we can help with everything from a holistic commitment to, for example, implementation of a new business system, migration from one generation to another, and the management of different generations of the system. We can also customize the system based on your needs and develop new features or integrate new with old, as well as train your staff in the use of business and financial systems.

Microsoft Dynamics is a user-friendly system that gives your organization a comprehensive solution for managing economics, inventory, logistics, processes, personnel and decisions. We deliver a business system that gives employees more insight into the business, gets the information they need when they need it, increasing efficiency and quality as well as increasing the ability to handle changes.

The new version of Microsoft Dynamics is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is more than just a business system. The system also includes applications for managing sales, customer contacts, fieldwork planning, marketing, and so much more These can be added, withdrawn or combined according to your needs. The system can also be combined with Microsoft Office 365 and have the same look.

Dynamics by Sigma

We are specialists in delivering business systems based on Microsoft Dynamics. We increase our customers insight into their business and make them more productive, efficient and more profitable. By understanding the customer's processes and business, we deliver a Microsoft Dynamics business system that provides employees with the right information at the right time and so giving them the ability to perform their duties better and more efficiently.


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