We believe in a better tomorrow. We act now and lead the digital revolution forward. We continuously see results in challenging the status quo and together with our clients, we create technologies for the future. It is about cutting edge knowledge combined with the ability to dream. To work together with people who create wow!

That´s how we make a difference.


We want to thank you for your commitment, your energy and devotion this overwhelming spring. After a well-deserved vacation we look forward to meet again with new opportunities and exciting projects.

Enjoy the summer!
Your friends at Sigma IT

Modern Worklife Report

81% of workers at medium to large-sized business in the UK feel that digital tools make day-to-day working life better, more productive and more efficient. This is revealed in the Modern Worklife Report that takes a deep dive into user experience at work in Britain.

However, the research also shows that there is still room for improvement. The average worker loses 28 minutes every day using digital programmes or tools that they struggle to use, that don’t work properly or that they don’t understand.

There is great potential for businesses who are willing to challenge their ways of working and take a user-centric approach to technology to improve productivity, engagement and work-life balance.

Keeping things simple during hard times!

As the entire world is put on hold, it is hard to know what to do, where to turn and how to deal with work. As an employer, you must juggle keeping up business as usual and giving people the peace of mind to carry on working. Workplace Express is a remote workplace that is up and running, fully functional, here and now. Nothing irrelevant, just the most neccessary features with a digital workplace hub that allows people to connect and get all vital information and digital tools quickly and efficiently. And - no licence fee for the first three months!

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Sigma’s business is growing. For more than 30 years, we have been involved in innovation projects and delivered digital solutions all over the world. We are specialists who love using technology to solve problems, and we help our clients with innovative solutions every day. We have done this since the Internet’s inception, building a passionate working culture along the way and we are incredibly proud of this culture. Over the next few years, we will create job opportunites for at least a thousand talented IT people. We need you!


We believe in something greater than ourselves, we believe that together, we can create a better tomorrow. A future we want to live in. Finding the smartest solution is not just about business. Therefore, we are engaged in different pro-bono organisations and take great social responsibility.


Are you just starting out with your IT career? Then we offer a unique opportunity for your career development. The Tomorrow Talent education program provides technical training that is combined with customer assignments and continuous coaching of a senior consultant. Are you a Tomorrow Talent? 


We have a long history within IT and can assist our clients with all the skills needed to develop new IT solutions, but also provide maintenance and support. This may involve system development, product innovation, application innovation or anything else where our knowledge in technology, strategy, design and communication is right. We are solving our clients’ needs and tomorrow's challenges with innovative technical solutions.


Värmevärden delivers district heating for homes, industries and premises in ten municipalities in mid Sweden. At Sigma IT, we have a responsibility for all of Värmervärden IT, from public web to measurement and customer debit systems. A long-term relationship that provides effective solutions.


Folksam wanted an intranet that met the team's need for information and facilitates fast paced work and customer collaboration. These were the starting points when Bool by Sigma created Folksam's intranet using the Core platform based on SharePoint.


For over 50 years Envac created a unique waste management system through vacuum technology. At Sigma, we are proud to deliver the IT for monitoring the super modern suction systems that today has concurred large parts of the world.