We believe in something bigger than ourselves. We believe that together we can create a better tomorrow — the tomorrow in which we want to live. Finding the smartest solution is not just about business. Therefore, we engage ourselves in a range of initiatives and take an interest in greater social responsibility, both at home and far away.

A lack of IT skills is a growing risk to Sweden's development as a IT-nation. Therefore, we take responsibility to share our knowledge and show what fantastic opportunities there are to inspire more to become a part of the IT community. We believe that part of the solution for securing skills is focusing on education, gender equality and diversity, and this underlies the strategy we have chosen to contribute to a better tomorrow for all of our society.

We do this through collaborating with organizations and schools, networking, self-training, and arranging knowledge transfer events. This collaboration constitutes a step towards creating new opportunities for Sweden’s next generation of IT Talent.

We are both happy with and proud of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, which we call c/o Tomorrow!


Dream big! Star for Life has a unique way of helping young people to increase their self-esteem and thus create a better future. We are particularly proud to be able to support the activities of “our” Dlilanga High School and have introduced a scholarship for further studies in IT. As a Sigma employee, you will have the opportunity to engage with Star for Life and visit it as a volunteer.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Sigma's founders Christin and Dan Olofsson started the Star for Life project. In place since 2005, Star for Life aims to enable young people in South Africa to avoid HIV and AIDS, both through educating them and encouraging high self-esteem and confidence. The project is being conducted in cooperation with schools, and more than 250,000 children and young people have already participated in the program. The result is amazing!


Welcome to visit our Star for Life School

Join us and visit Dlilanga High School. Hear students and coaches explain what Star for Life and Sigma's support means to them.


Sigma is one of the main sponsors of the Kodcentrum, a course providing a completely free introduction to programming and digital creation for 9-13-year-olds.

We support Kodcentrum in different ways: we arrange coding activities for children, and at the Gothenburg office, we have regular get-togathers, where 20 children learn about coding and digital creation. As a Sigma employee, you can be a volunteer and share your knowledge and teach children to understand more about programming and digital creation. A highly regarded activity — both for the children and for you.



In Sweden, it takes 7-9 years for an academic with a foreign background to get a job that corresponds to his or her skills. We think this is far too long, and we want to help change it. We are convinced that when people with different backgrounds and experiences meet, their commitment to and understanding of each other increases, enabling them to create new ideas and business opportunities. Being a partner in the organization Mitt Liv is therefore an important step in our vision of creating a better tomorrow. We want to share experiences and networks, and contribute our IT knowledge and leadership skills.

Mitt Liv is an organization working for a more integrated society and a value-added labor market. As a Sigma employee, you have the opportunity to participate as a mentor in the Mitt Liv Chans mentoring program. It is our way of contributing to integration and increased diversity in society.


Trees giving hope

Trees are amazing. They provide shade, warmth and purify the air we breathe. Growing trees and crops together for a sustainable environment and better living conditions is the foundations of Vi Agroforestry’s work. The Agroforestry method gives a double effect: Reduced poverty and reduced climate change. Instead of cutting down the natural forest, the farmers cultivate fast-growing trees on their farms. It gives the vulnerable population of East Africa food on the table and the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty – at the same time it helps improve the climate.

We have chosen to become a support company to Vi Agroforestry (Vi-skogen), and thus contribute to a sustainable future!



The IT industry needs many more women. That's why we are sponsoring Pink Programming, a fantastic nonprofit organization that wants to encourage women to program more.

In an inspiring environment, women learn to code from scratch or to build on existing knowledge. The programming camps and events show female programmers as inspiring role models. For this reason, Programming teachers and inspiration teachers are all women. Pink Programming is aimed at both experienced developers and brand new coders. Piqued your interest?



IGE — Introduce a Girl to Engineering — calls on female engineers and engineering students to increase young girls’ interest in technology. This initiative encourages companies, organizations, and colleagues to arrange activities to provide insights into what it is like to work as an engineer and to work with technology. At Sigma, we have invited young girls to IGEday at several of our offices in the country. Incredibly fun and rewarding for all involved, IGEday is another way of our commitment to bringing more women into the IT industry.



Women in IT are almost always a minority in their workplaces. We started the Sigma Smart Women Society to help rectify this imbalance. Sigma Smart Women Society sees inspiration, joy, and knowledge as key to encouraging women in the workplace and getting more women interested in IT. We promote this by hosting networking events with inspirational speakers from Sigma and other organizations.

Want to expand your women’s network and discuss interesting and current issues? The Sigma Smart Women Society is 100% women. Join us!

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Knowledge is important to us, and we are happy to share our own knowledge. Sigma Smart Developers Society is a group for anyone who works with or is interested in software development. We are a network of people who meet to inspire and develop together, listen to engaging speakers, and enjoy exciting and current topics. We want to help create a stronger community for developers by hosting free events and inviting anyone who may be interested. Speakers, both from Sigma and from other organizations, are invited to lecture and share their knowledge.

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We are a supporting member of the UN sustainability initiative called UN Global Compact, which was launched at the World Economic Forum in 2000. Today the initiative has 10,000 affiliated companies from 159 countries. As a member, we are committed to standing up for the UN's ten principles of human rights, labor law, the environment, and anti-corruption, and we work to integrate them into our corporate strategy.

Each year we report how we have specifically worked with improvements in these areas during the year. Interested in knowing more? Read our 2019 report.


Expect a better tomorrow

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