Meet our heroes

The Sigma Group has over 3900 employees in 12 countries who possess focused technical expertise. Sigma IT Consulting, the largest company within the Sigma Group, has been a core business throughout the years, offering both breadth and depth in IT. We help our clients by providing all the knowledge and skills needed to create new IT solutions. A solution can be about digital innovation or transformation, product innovation, system development, application management, or anything else that requires our technology, design, strategy, or communication expertise. As a consultant at Sigma, you are a hero solving tomorrow's problems and placing technology front and center.

Malcolm Kente

In programming, we learn from each other. Not least here at Sigma where sharing knowledge is a natural part of the culture. The whole team benefits from that and in the long run, our customers do too.


I have not been to any other workplace that offers such great opportunities. Every time you change assignments, you improve your skills. It makes you grow.

Malin Bryntesson

To me, it is important to challenge myself and surpass my goals. Or as the artist Hanna Wilke said, "Having a talent is not worth much unless you know what to do with it."