New Digital Workplace for Humana’s 15,000 employees

Humana is one of the leading Nordic companies in care services, personal assistance and housing for elderly people and persons with special needs. Humana has 15,000 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Sigma Worklife is Humana’s partner in bringing all their employees together in a common digital workplace.


As over 10,000 of Humana’s employees are first line workers, such as personal assistants, it is a challenge to build a common culture and to share the same information with everyone.

With Sigma Worklife’s products Core Workplace and Core Workplace Light this is no longer an issue.


Sigma’s Core Workplace is a hub for digital worklife, a place where employees can access all their apps and tools, company news and information, collaboration sites and items for personal productivity.

Core Workplace is connected to Office 365 and also includes an intranet built on SharePoint Modern.

A special solution, called Core Workplace Light, was developed together with Humana as they have about 10,000 field workers without Office 365 licenses.

With Core Workplace Light a non-Microsoft 365 user can access tools and content that’s valuable for field workers with the same user experience as a Microsoft 365 user.


This way Humana succeeds in creating an inclusive digital workplace available also to users without Office 365 but with an ability to seamlessly upgrade on a per user basis when the need for digital tools change over time.

This solution is now available for all Sigma Worklife’s customers who face challenges with first line worker engagement and inclusion.

“The delivery of our digital workplace project occurred simultaneously with the Corona pandemic. This made the need for a common communication tool even more important to us. The basic technical platform was therefore delivered with an accelerated schedule, in only two weeks. Besides the digital workplace platform Sigma has also supported us with document migration and document management,” says Jonathan Arenius, Head of Internal Communications at Humana.

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