IT experts supports Värmevärden

Since 2011, Sigma have had responsibility for all IT at Värmervärden.

The commitment covers 12 areas of functionality. Värmevärden delivers district heating for homes, industries and premises in ten municipalities in mid Sweden. At Sigma IT, we work with everything from public web to measurement and customer debit systems.

A long-term relationship that provides effective solutions.


Värmevärden needs to develop their IT function with quality, security and efficiency in focus.


Since 2011 Sigma IT have had responsibility for all of Värmervärden IT. A work that covers 12 areas of functionality which together constitute the support system that Värmevärden needs in order to carry out its business, from public web to measurement and customer debit systems.

The delivery organisation is structured as a dedicated team, a Core team, consisting of both IT experts from Sigma and product owners from Värmevärden.



The Sigma team focused on delivering the greatest possible value and constantly improving the delivery.

The model also leads to shorter decision-making, better communication and quality as well as an improved time-to-market.


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