The healthcare industry has been and will be affected greatly by digital transformation and undergo major changes over the next 20 years. Intelligent systems create completely new opportunities and possibilites to improve healthcare, and at the same time, increase patient safety, digital sustainability and efficiency, and better utilization of resources.



Intelligent systems and solutions provide great opportunities for transforming the healthcare chain, which in turn creates value at all levels for patients, their relatives, healthcare professionals and society.

We can achieve a sustainable cost development with improved quality for healthcare. Through systematic application and implementation of intelligent systems, the gross unit cost can be reduced. This will be the foundation of meeting the increasing need of tomorrow’s healthcare, with the resources of today. Digital transformation is moving so fast right now; already, within three years, we may see new revolutionary solutions that we cannot imagine today. The digital transforamtion of the healthcare industry is also important for Sweden to continue to secure a leading research position in Life Sciences.

In the end, a future-guaranteed healthcare environment provides a solid base for a whole new ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs within eHealth, which ultimately, will open up new growth and export opportunities for our business with other countries around the world.


Tomorrows healthcare is here and we at Sigma are working on developing it. Healthcare is an area that will undergo major changes thanks to the great potential of digitization. Sigma e-Health helps you get started and get on with eHealth, develop strategies and develop digitalized solutions for better resource utilization and quality of healthcare.


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