We understand the energy industry's challenges and processes and offer both ready-made solutions and consultants based on your specific needs. The services Churn Advisor and Hedge Advisor are unique. They help you to maintain your customers longer, by generating a customer movement prognoses with measurement management, as well as creating decision support for financial trading with electricity that helps you make better forecasts, better calculated hedge funds, and a better understanding of your volume risks.

Customer prognosis

Churn Advisor identifies customers at risk of leaving; it analyzes this customer group based on predetermined rules and activities. Through machine learning, the customer groups tailored by Churn Advisor are based on customer behavior patterns. The service always follows up against forecasts and stores data to increase the accuracy of future forecasts.

Churn Advisor also identifies and analyzes the loyal customers. This gives you insight about what features these customers have and how they differ from customers at risk of leaving. Over time, the service will help you understand your client base and the behavior of your customers and ultimately, increase customer loyalty.


Volume forecast

Our service Hedge Advisor makes volume forecasts for the energy industry, in order to handle the risks associated with trade in energy. The service is based on common data from plants and agreements. Forecasts are created automatically from a sufficiently broad usage range, as well as external data that Hedge Advisor itself retrieves. Each month, seven different forecasts are generated for each plant. After that, Hedge Advisor selects the forecast most likely to match the outcome. By working on multiple forecasts per plant, Hedge Advisor can take into account the unique conditions of each individual plant in terms of geographical location, size and temperature sensitivity.

The service has a quality assurance unit where you decide which data deviations are to be reported, and if something should be reported as alerts or errors. Based on this regulatory framework, Hedge Advisor is implementing the necessary measures to make a forecast for each plant.

Hedge Advisor is delivered as a service and has a user-friendly interface, whether you're using a computer or tablet.

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Sigma Energy is a specialist area, which supplies solutions to the energy industry. Through our unique expertise and our focus on the energy industry, we develop IT solutions together with our clients. From experience, we know that our solutions changes, optimize and create opportunities for new business.


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