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The need for digital security and personal protection is increasing with the digitalization of our society and our growing online exposure. 

Learning digital self-defense reduces the risk of social engineering, ID hijacking, phishing or spoofing. Want to learn more? We provide training on digital threats and how to protect yourself, your company and your family. What information can be found about you or your company on the Internet and on Darknet? Through our unique security work, extensive experience and expertise, we become your eyes and ears, to guard your interests. We deliver a security solution, tailor-made for your digital personal protection. 

Executive Protection and Services – Your digital bodyguard

Do you want to put a stop to threats, harassment or other web-related crimes that may affect you and your family? 

There is much we can do to help, whether something has already happened, is going on right now, or to prevent something from happening in the future. 

After securing all digital devices and ensuring digital monitoring, we also hold a safety training for everyone in the family. If there are children, the information is of course adapted to their age and digital experience. Naturally, everything is executed with discretion and personal integrity. 

Contact us if you feel the need for a digital bodyguard that stops threats and technical attacks from outside, around the clock. 

Web Exposure – Map your online exposure

Do you know what information can be found about you online? Is there incorrect or sensitive information? Pictures you did not choose to publish yourself? Are there discussions about you or your company in different forums?

Every day, the internet is growing at a furious pace and it is difficult to keep track. For most people this may not be a big problem. However, if you are an artist, politician, company manager or sports profile, incorrect information can have unintended consequences. Have you, your business or family received threats? Do you need to report it to the police? We are by your side and will help you with an analysis of all findings and make an action plan together with you and your family.

We offer digital screening of both the internet and darknet. 

Digital Threat Academy find the threats before it's too late

In our digital security training, you receive training in several steps to increase your own awareness and strengthen your mental capacity to deal with a threatening or vulnerable situation. The training also includes information about other risks on both the Internet and Darknet, such as ID hijacking, bullying, fraud, grooming and other criminal acts. 

You can choose to sign up for an open webinar or contact us, and we can customize a training for e.g. the management group, your entire organization or your family. 

Monitoring service  real time digital information retrieval 

With our monitoring service in real time, we can protect you, your family, your company or anything else you think need protection. You receive early warning of unwanted interest, criminal attacks such as threats, blackmail, unauthorized influence and unwanted surveillance. 

Thanks to our unique expertise, technical ability and market-leading methodology, we can identify and protect you against threats and risks in all corners of the web.

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