Shed a light on the climate – one hour at the time

Press image: WWF Earth Hour Press image: WWF Earth Hour

Since 2007, we have switched off the lights for one hour, every last Saturday in March. WWF founded a simple yet symbolic act for the climate - Earth Hour. Today, this initiative has become one of the world's largest climate events with millions of participants worldwide. House by house, street by street, lights are turned off to spread awareness about the climate crisis and this year also to pay attention to our threatened biodiversity.

This year, Earth Hour falls on 28/3 and of course we at Sigma IT are participating this year too. We aim for a better tomorrow and that is why we also are taking part in the Earth Hour Challenge, where you can challenge yourself, friends and colleagues. This is a fun and educating way to create awareness and shed a light on our CO2e footprint and inform about all the small and large steps we can take to help mother earth.

However, we not only want to challenge ourselves here and now, we want to do it every day, all year round. And if we want to keep the Paris Agreement goals and not raise the temperature by more than 1.5°C, we all need to take a stand and act now. We at Sigma IT will do our share and turn off the lights in all our offices during Earth Hour. We are also proud sponsor to Haveriet, our 2020 initiative to create a better tomorrow. Nobody can do it all, but everyone can contribute in their own way.

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