Sigma IT is in the jury for Kids Hack the Crisis

During 48 intense hours, that started on October 23, more than 1200 children worldwide engaged in the global challenge Kids Hack the Crisis.

Kids Hack the Crisis is arranged by UNICEF Sweden and the Swedish Institute, SI. It is a unique hackathon and innovation marathon for kids, aiming to collaborate on the challenges brought to us by Covid-19. Children up to 18 years of age work in teams to come up with solutions that are presented to a jury.

Sigma IT is part of the jury that evaluates their contributions, and is deeply impressed by the creative and professional proposals presented by the children.

“It’s an honor to be part of Kids Hack the Crisis. It is a very important initiative that we are proud to support. Children are our future, and they are very much affected by Covid-19, but their situation tends to be ignored. More than 1 billion children risk falling behind when schools are closed. We can’t ignore that. Furthermore, it is often those who are already vulnerable who become even more vulnerable in this situation”, says Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications and Culture at Sigma IT.

In the hackathon, children have presented solutions to challenges like:

  1. The right to education. How can we, in the Covid-19 era make sure all children can continue to learn and get the quality education they have the right to?
  2. The right to health. How can we facilitate and support children’s well-being? Many are struggling with poor physical and mental health in this difficult situation. How can we help? How can we reimagine a society where all children not only survive, but thrive and reach their full potential?
  3. End poverty. How can we assure children’s right to a fair standard of living and access to essential services when parents are financially and socially vulnerable?
  4. End violence. How can we protect children from physical and psychological violence in the home, school, community and over the Internet?
  5. The right to participation. How can we help increase children’s influence and participation in decisions affecting their lives?

Beatrice Silow concludes:

"As a jury participant, I am very impressed with how creative, aware and professional the children and young people are. The jury work is very hard since all the solutions are really good with high quality, and the best would have been if all the proposals could be implemented. It will be exciting to follow the developments in the next step when the proposals are to be realized. The energy and joy of the children and young people is amazing and there is a great will to make a difference and contribute to a better tomorrow.

For more information:

Beatrice Silow
Head of Communication and culture, Sigma IT Group
Tel: +46 703 791506