Waste systems that conquered the world

Did you know that the Swedish company Envac invented the vacuum waste system over 50 years ago? The system is available all over the world; Sigma delivers the IT to run the surveillance systems


The opportunities to monitor and read data about waste facilities around the world has, over time, become very challenging, as more and more facilities demand specialization. Envac’s own developed application, the system SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) had run its course and customers requested higher demands regarding the monitoring and management of the facilities.

Envac wanted a modern SCADA application for monitoring and automation of the facilities, where higher demands on product development such as adaptability, functions, development and management were set. It was also important that the application was built on a platform that Envac could manage themselves and thereby, ensure functionality and development ability.


Envac choose to outsource both the development and management of the new SCADA application and subsequently, received access to all of Sigma’s specialist competences both on the platform Wonderware, and through Sigma’s partnerships with certain suppliers.

Sigma’s experience in working together with production teams and specialized solutions gave Envac confidence in their choice of supplier.


New functions and increased adjustability reassures Envac’s clients can fully utilize their facilities based on prevailing environments and circumstances. Wherever in the world they are!


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