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How does one get an intranet that is easy to use and can be adjusted so that every employee receives relevant information? Sigma Worklife (formerly Bool by Sigma) are experts on SharePoint  and have the solution.


Keeping up with many customer contacts is certainly challenging. This is what everyday life is like for the employees at Folksam. That puts high demands on the intranet - it should be easy to use and up to date this year, next year and the year after that.


Core is an intranet platform based on our many years of experience from delivering intranets for both small and large-scale organisation, as well national and international. Core reuses techniques and draws on results from a previous user study, user tests and delivered projects during many years. Consequently, a standard solution is tailored for Folksams’ needs.

”Our collaboration has worked very well and their solution meets our needs. We wanted a standard solution, the benefits for us with a standard solution is that we will be able to use upcoming development and improvements of the product.”
Sara Svennung, Intranet Strategist at Folksam


Folksams’ needs were matched with Core and implemented with a clear, continuous design and architecture. Folksams’ intranet supports targeted information with a concept that makes it easy to assign employees channels, but also the ability to choose interesting content themselves. And obviously, it is built responsively, i.e. just as easy to use on a computer as on a cell phone or tablet. With a well-implemented support for the lifecycle management, Folksam can also feel confident that the content on the intranet will be updated this year, next year and the year after. One could say that we have achieved a loveable intranet for the folks at Folksam.


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