Information Security

Today, information is one of your company's most important assets. How would your company cope without access to the right information at the right time? We know that many companies and organizations would not survive.

Who can access your company's data?

Of course, risks and threats may vary, both by type and size, but also depending on the activity. But regardless of industry, we can minimize and manage the risks that exist. With the right approach – including administrative procedures and technical protection, such as firewalls and encryption – we can prevent information from being leaked, corrupted or destroyed. We can also ensure that the information is available to the right person at the right time. Our experienced consultants ensure that the protection you receive corresponds to today's information security requirements.



Accessibility – The information is always available when you need it.
Accuracy – You can trust that the information you receive is correct.
Eligibility – Only authorized persons have access to confidential information.
Traceability – You can always follow how the information has been created, changed, developed, handled and communicated.

At Sigma IT Consulting, we take a holistic approach and create solutions that are tailored to your needs and the prerequisites of your company.


ISO 27001 - Information Security management to ensure that the company meets the information security standards; Privacy, Integrity and Accessibility.
GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced PUL (Privacy Protection Law) in May 2018. All organizations must now comply with the GDPR.

The first actions are taken - now the real work begins! How do you work with data protection for the personal data you are handling?

We at Sigma IT help our customers to effectively manage their data protection of personal data. Our consultants can help you to map the current situation, identify actions, and run implementation projects.

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