To develop is to create

All businesses need system development. It may be to develop a new computer system, design a ecommerce website, monitor healthcare equipment or anything else where our developers' distinguished skills are required.

be succesful

But it’s not only technical knowledge that’s required to be successful in system development. Also, industry and business skills as well as leadership are needed. At Sigma IT Consulting, we have over 30 years of experience developing technical, innovative, solid and competitive IT solutions for our customers. We work in practically all industries and in all stages of the development process. Our focus is on working with the most popular techniques, and contributing to a better tomorrow. It has made us the leading suppliers of expertise in:

Java, .NET – Microsoft, R & D – C/C ++ – Embedded, JavaScript (as well as the big frames), Node and more, as well as specialists on Back-end, Front-end and Full-stack.

We work in selected standard environments as well as with the market's leading Open-source software. Knowledge sharing is second nature to us and we are therefore spreading our skills. Working in an agile way means we constantly develop ourselves, our partners and our customers.


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