Test & Test Management

Our goal is always to secure correct quality, no matter if the choosen solution is a implementation of a standard system or a customized new development.

secure the quality of your product or solution

We support you with consults within test and test management, either onsite at your office, or as your independent supplier of test services, we take full responsibility of the quality delivering of your product or solution.

We are over 100 different test specialists and thanks to that and our different experiences we can help you with the challenges in your project. We can help you to answer many questions: Do we have a software free of bugs? When should we start to test? Are the demands covered? Have we tested enough? Yes, no, it depends – what is really correct and how should one think? The questions are many and we at Sigma IT Consulting have the answers – all you need to feel safe with your IT project. 

Test is about:
Asking the correct questions –> Gather information –> Present information

We can offer your services within both Ordering Support (demand-acceptance test) and Delivery (test through the whole process of the system development)

Example of services:
Test specialist
Test leader
Test automation
Test as a service


Want to know more about test & test management?

Anders Timmerås
+46 703 79 12 39

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