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Do you have the right information to make the right decision?

IT has grown from being a cost and an administrative function to being the most important part of an organization’s innovation. Do you want to know how to make successful business decisions using your company's vast amounts of data? Or how visualization tools can create business value? How do you see the total benefit of your data volume?

information that supports your business

Within Sigma, we have dwelt on these questions for a long time and we help our customers every day to develop smart solutions where information supports business and contributes to success.

The amount of data produced today by connected devices and new technologies means a fast-paced development where the right use of data is the key to success. Time is over when companies could make decisions based solely on nuances and fingertips. The amount of information grows and with the help of Analytics, the entire organization is able to make better decisions and, in the long run, become more successful.

A sustainable solution for supporting decisions gives you time to actually interpret your data instead of spending most of the time preparing it. With Analytics, you'll not only know where you are today, you'll also know where you've been and where you're heading. Combine it with today's powerful visualization possibilities and you can comfortably settle in the driver's seat.

We offer services and solutions in three main areas

  • Data Warehouse 
  • Visualization of data
  • Advanced Analyzes 

We have the expertise and we help our customers build solutions for e.g. Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science or the Internet of Things, independent of technology platform.

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