We are in the midst of the digital revolution. Corporate IT organizations are today a key part of the business – or even at the core of the business – enabling organizations to emerge in the digital age.

Senior IT Management Consulting

At Sigma IT, we provide senior IT Management consulting, helping our customers succeed with their digitalization. We have extensive experience in our field and all our consultants are equipped with the right mindset, knowledge and industry best-practice, to efficiently steer our customer in the right direction in order to achieve their potential.

Some of our IT Management services include:

Business Analysis – we work with business change and the gathering of information and requirements. The business analyst ensures that all changes are traced to a real business need.

IT Governance – ensures that IT is integrated with the overall corporate strategy and not treated as an isolated operation handled by the IT department.

Service Management – we help organisations maximize their business value through the coordinated and efficient management of IT services. Our offerings are based on principles, body of knowledges and best-practices in the field - focusing on implementing and managing IT services that delivers business value and builds a long-term quality process for our customers.

System Maintenance Management – we manage the system maintenance based on a holistic approach and cooperation between operations and IT to ensure delivery corresponding to business needs.

Business Process Development – we provide senior consulting in everything from documenting existing processes, flows, routines and working methods, to developing new processes or modernizing existing ones.

Service Design – through a design-driven approach, we create efficient services and solutions that our customers benefits from and that meet their actual business needs.

Risk Management – we help customers analyze and prevent different types of risks, associated with an organizations IT.

Quality management and management systems – we help organizations develop efficient management systems to support the entire business.

Requirement Management – we perform all necessary action to ensure an effective requirements management process for our customers. This includes requirements planning, requirements development, requirements verification and requirements change management. This is a continuous process throughout all our projects.


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