Service design

Digital transformation are the buzz words of today on every management’s agenda. But in order to realize new ideas and ways of thinking there is also a need of strategy, innovation, business development and change management. This is where Sigma comes into play.


Why is it the way it is? When it could be as it should? The answer is that everyday life keeps us busy with what we need to ... rather than what we should do. The goals are often so many that we do not see the whole picture. Sigma is an expert in understanding, describing and working with the broad perspective, and at the same time perfecting the details.

Through consensus, commitment and a wealth of experience, we transform operations without losing focus on what generates business today. That's where the secret lies. Together with our customers, we create the conditions for the business of the future while the current operation continues to deliver.

For us, it is about creating services and solutions that your customer wants to use, that are efficient and satisfy actual needs.

This is how we look at Service Design

In a world of increasing uncertainty, traditional methods no longer work as they used to. Methods that are often based on predictions. Today, it is difficult to achieve success by analyzing past events and trying to project them on a future scenario.

Instead, we use Service design and Design thinking as problem-solving methods, to solve today's and tomorrow's problems. User-centered and driven by opportunities, we focus on lifting and evaluating hypotheses and alternatives. All in an iterative context. We ask questions like: How would this work if everything was possible? A liberating perspective that generates ideas and shows challenges in new light, as well as creates new solutions.

This is how it works

We like prototypes. They make us switch our focus from the daily issues and allow us to see what is important. Together we reach insights, clear out the unimportant and have fun. In addition, we will get started. Now.


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