Application Management

When the systems work seamlessly. In today’s world, all business departments are dependent on using a range of technical systems. 

We manage all operations

It's both frustrating and expensive when these systems are sluggish or even worse, prone to freezing and continuous disruption.

Our Application Management service solves this problem; it encapsulates a whole host of technical processes and management. Essentially, we take care of all operations and ensure that all technical systems work properly, are maintained, updated on time and monitored so that any errors can be quickly detected. Support for employees is also a highly sought after and appreciated service.

At Sigma IT Consulting, we have extensive experience in providing application management skills. In addition to services in management, operations and support, we offer project management for integration, transition and consolidation of business systems and application portfolios.

Let's take care of your company's applications, while you put all your focus on your core business!

Some of the services

- Operation
- Support
- Monitoring
- Transition
- Integration
- Consolidation (Applications / Data Centers)
- Applications Management
- Service Management (ITSM)


Do you want to know more about Application Management?

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