Having the point of view of what our customers need is our main focus. We know that over time our customers want to recruit, try and hire, use consultants or whole teams, purchasing projects or service. We also know that to be number one we must use all the tools the market has to offer; hire experts, brokers, networks of under consultants, nearshore and offshore. For us, you as customer, comes first and we are unique of being able to promise you a full solution for the whole chain of needs.

Our promise is, with the customer in focus, to meet all of the needs for the organisation within sourcing, innovation, development, operation and management. We will do this by offering recruitment services, new IT talents, broker services, experienced special consultants, useful collaboration partners, teams with resource responsibility, world leading technical solutions and entirely responsibilities with delivery from all over the world. Also within several different industries.

We are proud of our promise and the customer is always in focus to us.


We contribute to business development by recruiting leaders and specialists in all industries. A full-service agency with a personal commitment.


The best consultants in the industry are found here. Java, Front-end, UX, GDPR and everything else within technique, strategy, design and communication.


In some cases, a broker position best meets the security of a IT resource we match this through Sigma Society.

Young talent

We boost new IT talents through the learning program Tomorrow Talent. Education is complemented with mentorship from a senior consultant.



In cases where our own resources don’t cover the needs of a project, we collaborate with great partners. Our network covers almost 50,000 consultants.

XFT Cross Functional Team

We can increase your development capacity with a Cross Functional Team. We can provide entire teams, management and coaching.


World leading IT solutions within IoT, e-health, predictive maintenance, intranet, e-commerce etc., and service commitments for applications and operations.


Are resources from other parts of the world needed for your project? We have our own organisations in India, Poland and Ukraine, and collaboration partners in several other countries.

Expect a better tomorrow

Sigma is a leading consulting group with an objective to make our customers more competitive. Our means is technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. We are 4,600 employees in fourteen countries. Sigma is owned by Danir, held by the Dan Olofsson family.

The Danir Group

Nexer/Sigma IT, Lindholmspiren 9, 417 56 Göteborg, Sweden

Sigma IT is now Nexer – the tech company of the future. With digital expertise in strategy, technology and communication we create the future, today. Bringing our customers along for the ride.