Document & case management

The amount of information that organizations and companies need to handle is growing constantly. It can be important customer information, various directives and laws that regulate information management and must be followed.

Document management systems must respond to this, and also be able to handle all the different types of documents, letters, etc., that appears in an organization. To function efficiently, the system needs to have version management, secure storage, search capabilities, privileged security features, authentication and signing routines.

Create order

Case management systems, support the administration of contractual matters, deviation cases, helpdesk and maintenance management, etc. Case and document handling is included under Enterprise Content Management (ECM); different products, technologies and systems help organizations and companies to create order throughout their entire information management, from incoming to archiving.

At Sigma, we have extensive experience in document & case management. We work with two ECM systems from Formpipe; Platina and W3D3, that ensure efficient document management, case management, billing, document management and e-filing.

Content by Sigma

Content by Sigma is a specialist area within Sigma that delivers document and case management as well as archiving for authorities and other regulated organisations. With our system solutions, we facilitate case and information flows. With correct information, in correct time and to the correct recipient, we create the best environment for more efficient working practices.

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