The salesman's most important tool

Imagine being able to maximize sales by identifying prospects and customers with the highest potential. Get automated leads assessment and other information that helps sales staff quickly get into work. These are just a few examples of what we can help you through Microsoft's new Client Relationship Management tools; Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Monitor your goals

New Dynamics 365 is a tool built of applications that can be added or removed depending on your needs. The CRM application in Dynamics 365 supports the entire sales process from lead to invoice. Here you will find the functionality you expect from a modern system, and additional features can be added through integrations with Microsoft Office 365, such as notifications and reminders from Outlook, shared notes in OneNote, or documents in SharePoint. In addition, the user interface is user friendly and it is easy to set goals and monitor results. What could be better?

Dynamics by Sigma

We are specialists in delivering business systems based on Microsoft Dynamics. We increase our customers insight into their business and make them more productive, efficient and more profitable. By understanding the customer's processes and business, we deliver a Microsoft Dynamics business system that provides employees with the right information at the right time and so giving them the ability to perform their duties better and more efficiently.


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