Modern archiving

The amount of information an organization has to handle is constantly growing. The number of sources the information comes from, and the number of formats in which the information is stored in, is also growing. In the wake of digital transformation, technological advancements are constantly progressing and thus, systems and software become outdated. That’s why it is important to ensure that digital information is retained and kept available.

Preserve digital information

At Sigma IT Consulting, we work with Formpipe's Long-Term Archive; an e-archive system designed to preserve digital information over extended periods of time. Long-Term Archive has been developed in close collaboration with the National Archives and is based on the OAIS model (ISO 14721: 2003). The system ensures that all archiving complies with laws and directives on how to store information.

Content by Sigma

Content by Sigma is a specialist area within Sigma that delivers document and case management as well as archiving for authorities and other regulated organisations. With our system solutions, we facilitate case and information flows. With correct information, in correct time and to the correct recipient, we create the best environment for more efficient working practices.


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