New Business Opportunities with the Internet of Things

Have you realized the possibilities of the Internet of Things? Or are you curious about how your business can be developed using IoT? Great, we can take you all the way from vision to development and implementation.

At Sigma IT Consulting, we know that so much could be simplified and streamlined with IoT. We are convinced that all industries benefit from this amazing opportunity. Initially, to simplify the working day, streamline and reduce costs. In the long run, contributing to the digital transformation of businesses and corporations, but also finding brand new business models.

competitive advantages

IoT creates completely new possibilities for establishing data connection. This means competitive advantages for the companies who take the opportunities. At Sigma, we help you implement new ways of getting information from your equipment and business, exploring your data to evaluate new opportunities and then create innovative solutions based on the data. We can help you lower your costs, make you more efficient, and create new business models – by using your own data in a considered approach.

The connected world is developing at lightning speed, new business areas are emerging and industries are changing. Do you wonder which direction is the right one for your company? At Sigma, we offer coaching and strategic advice before and during decision making. We will help you develop a strategy for the Internet of Things that is both internally anchored and realistic.

IoT by Sigma

IoT by Sigma is a specialist area within Sigma, which provides solutions for analyzing real-time data from smart devices and sensors. We want to work with the information that our customers didn’t know that they could use, help them reduce their costs, streamline and find new business opportunities.


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