The intranet is becoming more important at work today, when the employees are working from different locations and login in from different servers. For example, keeping up-to-date of what’s going on, collaborate, read emails, update calendars etc. are all tasks that need to be smooth and easy.


Intranets create better communication flows and collaboration opportunities in organisations. We develop intranets based on years of experience and modern technology but with unique solutions adjusted for your specific needs and organization structure.

The digital workplace should be an effective platform for communication and interaction, but also a tool that simplifies your daily work. No matter where you work.

We deliver intranets based on SharePoint and Office365.

Bool by Sigma

Bool by Sigma is a specialist area within Sigma, specializing in design and construction of SharePoint portals. Since start, we have developed portals with special focus on business adaptability and usability. Our mission is to make your everyday life easier with SharePoint.


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Susanne Erkenmark