Clever maintenance

Do you want the smarter maintenance, that won’t interfere with the operations in the factory? Then you've come to the right place! Predictive maintenance, also known as Smart Maintenance, means that a maintenance action is performed before a breakdown happens, and that this preventive maintenance is scheduled for the most convenient time. With the help of sensors attached to the equipment and data analysis, maintenance operations and timing are controlled and optimized. This increases the availability of the plant and reduces the cost of maintenance without impairing operational reliability.

You can also find underlying problems with the equipment, and identify differences and relations that affect availability and performance, e.g. compare if different operators drive the machines in different ways.

Test predictive maintenance

At Sigma IT Consulting, we offer a unique package solution for predictive maintenance – Asset Predict. You install it in just two weeks and can evaluate the concept and technology through a minor pilot test. You will have free access to the standard software for a trial period. You also get a number of standard sensors and all training you need during the period. If you wish to continue after the trial period, the settlement is only based on usage.

Asset by Sigma

Asset by Sigma is a specialist area within Sigma, which supplies system solutions within Asset Management and maintenance. Our goal is to provide organisations with a maximum and sustainable return on their fixed assets. We accomplish that by increasing availability, streamlining maintenance work and eliminate risks.


Want to know more about predictive maintenance?

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