Collect all customer communications in one place

Do you want a smart solution for customer communication? Which also gives better order in the communication? Then the Unified Communication solution is right for you!

It is a platform that collects all communication with a customer (or other actor) in one and the same inbox, whether it's text, mail or phone logging. You get a complete overview of all messages to one and each of the customers, allowing more effective case management and reduces both the number of cases and the number of people handling them.

easier customer access

Messages to customers can be created manually from, for example, customer service, but they can also be automated from different systems, such as CRM, order, booking or business systems. Unified Communication is a generic platform that can be applied to most needs related to communication with customers or other actors.

Genius, right?

Unified Commerce by Sigma

Unified Commerce by Sigma is a specialist area within Sigma that delivers everything you need for digital commerce. Our goal is to provide our customers with a simpler and more efficient management, as well as giving our clients' customers a better experience. We do this by assembling all systems dealing with digital trade and customer dialogue into an ecosystem that provides a seamless experience for all.


Want to know more about Unified Communication?

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