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The next meeting with Sigma Smart Women Society is held on 21 October at lunch time.

We are very pleased to have the multiple award-winning Malin Frithiofsson as our guest in this premiere of SSWS On Air. This time we are broadcasting from Göteborg, but you are welcome to listen wherever you are.

Malin will talk about the lack of female participation in tech- and innovation processes and the astonishing fact that women own only 9 % of all startup equity and received less than 1% of all venture capital in Sweden last year.

What are the global democratic consequences of this? What does it mean not having all perspectives when developing our society?

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Malin Frithiofsson


What are the global democratic consequences of the lack of female participation in tech- and innovation processes?

Women make up 50% of the human population. Still, women own only about 9% of all startup Equity and received less then 1% of all venture capital in Sweden last year. Across the world, substantially more patents are given to men and substantially more men found companies and hold seats in company boards.

A world innovated, built, and owned by men is also most likely to be built for men – something that is showing with the rising occurrence of gendered products and services. In this lecture we will go over the annoying, dangerous and the ludicrous consequences of the lack of female participation in tech- and innovation processes – and give the boot to the “lean in” school of thought when it comes to equality in the workplace.

Malin Frithiofsson is coordinating startup ecosystems by day and championing women’s rights issues through Women In Tech gbg by night - she works daily with trying to make tech- and innovation industries more inclusive, and the products & services they produce less gendered.

For her combined body of work, she was awarded both the Swedish and the Nordic title of Ecosystem hero of the year at the Global Startup Awards of 2019, is a finalist for CGI’s IT woman of the year 2020 as well as women in tech advocate of the year at the Nordic women in tech awards.

Malin Frithiofsson, is Head of Community Management at Chalmers Ventures.


12:00 Welcome speech

12:10 Malin Frithiofsson: The lack of females is annoying and dangerous

12:50 Summing up

The event will be held in English.
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