We have looked at previous customers' needs for handling their product data, the situation on the market, user behavior, and buyers' requirements, etc and put together a valuable package . Together with our partner Stibo Systems, we at Nexer (former Sigma IT),  offer a fully functional, customized and best practice PIM solution, up and running in only 10 weeks, through a predefined backlog and project plan. 


You quickly want to get a PIM solution up and running, at a reasonable cost, and with the possibility to continue to develop and configure it, either with a partner or yourself. You want a solution that is capable and easily scalable.

You want to buy perhaps the best PIM system on the market, but also realize that in the future, you want the same system to be able to handle other data domains, such as customer master data and supplier master data.

You want to be able to see when you can recoup the investment of a new PIM system, by knowing how much it will cost you and when you can start using it.

As part of your MDM strategy, you have decided to purchase an MDM system, and realize that the PIM Accelerator would be an excellent MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to quickly get a working solution, that you later can adapt further to your unique needs.

You want to kickstart your "Stibo STEP" project, and realize that this is the perfect ramp up solution – phase 1 for your MDM project.

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The solution is based on Stibo Systems' world-leading Enterprise Platform (STEP). With Stibo Systems' Product MDM, you get a centralized solution for managing product information efficiently and strategically. External parties can also syndicate their product data to and from the system, in a secure and efficient way, with the cloudbased PDS service. By working with product information on a multi-domain MDM platform such as Stibo Systems', you go one step further and get PIM evolved.


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