Nexer (former Sigma IT) are Scandinavia's most experienced consultants in Product Information Management (PIM). Our specialists have worked for many years with business development, strategies, implementations, processes and management of various market-leading PIM platforms. At Nexer, we handle business-critical product data, and the information connected to it, on a daily basis.

In the solutions we build, we ensure that all product information is gathered in one place and is available to those who need it. In addition, we integrate the PIM system with the company's other important systems and ensure that the correct product information is published in the right channels.

Nexer is a partner with both inRiver and Stibo Systems, which are leading suppliers of PIM systems, but also with the suppliers of the systems we integrate with PIM, such as e-commerce, business systems and ESB/middleware.


It is important to have a strategy for data migration when implementing a new PIM system. In most cases, this is complicated by the fact that the old systems must continue to operate in parallel until the new system is in use. We handle this by doing iterative delta migrations, and thus ensuring the quality of your migration when we move data to the new master system. Nexer has a well-developed strategy for how migration should proceed, and many successful migration projects behind us.


We have extensive experience from PIM projects on the two market-leading platforms Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) and inRiver PIM. We also integrate the PIM solution with your other systems, ensuring that your product information is published in the right channels.


We were one of inRiver's first partners in Sweden and today we are Platinum Partner. inRiver has had an impressive development, both as a company and a system, and we have delivered over 30 different projects on their platform. We recommend inRiver in projects where user-friendliness and flexibility are placed high on the requirements list, and where fast ROI is important.


We have been partners with Stibo Systems since 2011, and we are the only Enterprise Partner in the Nordic region that also has our head quarters located here. Together, we have delivered PIM solutions on the world-leading  Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) to customers such as Salling Group, Husqvarna, Ahlsell, Mekonomen, Oatly, among others.

The Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform is extremely configurable according to each customer's unique conditions, without needing to be individually adapted through programming. The platform is not only flexible, stable and scalable, but offers best practice solutions for most industries, and we can get an MVP up and running in just 10 weeks.


Fredrik Larsson

Fredrik Larsson

Stibo Systems, PIM
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Javier Torres

Javier Torres

InRiver, PIM
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