Core Intranet – the intranet of today

Over the last 10 years, our product platform Core has evolved through several product generations. Core’s key features and concepts have been proven to work for many customers in a wide range  of industries. Compared with developing your own solution, one of Core’s best benefits is that you don’t need to start from scratch.

The current generation of Core comes in two versions: Core Workplace and Core Intranet. Core Intranet is the version for companies who are looking for the familiarity of an intranet in perfect balance with the modern feeling we expect from today’s tools.

A part of the digital workplace

Core Intranet is built on SharePoint Modern and it fits perfectly amongst Office 365’s functionality and available applications. Together, these tools form the digital workplace. With this arrangement, SharePoint Modern and all its core functionalities remain intact, and Core Intranet adds extra features that elevate the user experience.

Core Intranet’s channels make it possible to target information and communication to the right audience. Channels can be applied centrally but each user also has the possibility to subscribe to more channels. Core’s app list gives everyone easy access to their digital tools.

Long live continuous development

With Core Intranet, we always follow Microsoft’s guidelines on how to develop features that interact with SharePoint Modern and Office 365. We ensure our features do not affect the underlying platform and that they will carry on working with continuous updates.


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