Guide – a management system adapted to SharePoint Modern and ISO 9001

ISO 9001 compliance is a natural part of all management systems. With Guide, all the key aspects are in place. It has never been easier to provide clear information and continuous process improvement.

Easy to manage. Easy to follow

Guide is an easy-to-use management system adapted for SharePoint Modern. Here, you can gather the company’s management documents, instructions and process descriptions into a web-based tool that is easy to use. It is searchable, easy and accessible for all employees, wherever they are. Guide also offers you a standardised working method with accountability for processes and associated documents. It helps to keep everything in order.

Personal responsibility and accountability

In Guide, you can draw your processes in Microsoft Visio, and then publish them directly in a dedicated management system or as an integrated part of the intranet.

All information is assigned with an owner who is responsible for updates. Guide makes it easy to present risk assessments and has built-in support for feedback, deviation reporting and audit management.

It is also possible to send specific, required reading to targeted groups within your organisation and inform these employees of mandatory information. The information owners can then follow-up and see who has read the information and when.


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