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Peace of mind at work is more important than ever in uncertain times

When the whole world is put on hold and life as we know it is suddenly in limbo, having a safe workplace to turn to becomes vital, regardless of whether our desk is still at the office or in the living room of our own home. Many of us are grappling with the challenge of having to set up a remote office at short notice with no tools or remote working environment in place. Employers must now juggle keeping up business as usual while giving people the peace of mind and tools they need to carry on working. Knowing where to start and where to turn to for information becomes vital in order to maintain momentum, stay efficient and keep calm. This is where Sigma Worklife can help.

A remote workplace up and running in two weeks

Sigma Worklife has designed Workplace Express to meet all of your work-related needs here and now. In just two weeks you can have everything in place for your employees to keep on working – wherever they are. We will set up a digital workplace hub where people can connect and get access to vital communications and digital tools quickly and easily. No bells and whistles, just the most important features.

A lean version of Core Workplace

We all need to plan our working day and connect with our colleagues seamlessly. Workplace Express is based on our digital workplace platform, Core Workplace – a fully-fledged digital solution that enables you to easily distribute information and share digital tools. Workplace Express is a leaner, down-scaled version of Core Workplace containing only the most important features. More functionality may be added later on, but for now this will be enough for you to connect with your colleagues, distribute vital information and keep your business rolling.

No licence fee for the first three months

Core Workplace is a licenced product that is constantly under development and proactively maintained. However, in these unprecedented times we all need to come together. So we have decided to waive the licence fee for the first three months. We understand that it is vital for all businesses to act swiftly, and we want to do our part. Complete the form below or call us directly, our contact info is here.


Stay connected, distribute the right information and get the right tools to the right people. Workplace Express is a solution that is designed to get a remote workplace up and running quickly. All investments should have a long lifespan and Workplace Express is an optimal platform on which to keep building a modern, digital workplace with added value long after this global crisis has passed.

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