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Sigma's Inspiration Days about IT & Cybersecurity is held on nov 21 in Stockholm and nov 22 in Göteborg. Keynote speakers on the events are: Joakim Holt & Joakim Östling, Västtrafik; Madeleine Kempe, Saab Defense & Space; Kaja Narum, IBM Security Nordics. Daniel Akenine, Microsoft; Sandra Elvin, H&M; Ulf Eripe, Anticimex.

Digital transformation provides endless possibilities. But you have to be aware of fake news, deepfakes and constantly new methods of intrusion attempts. That is why we organize Sigma’s Inspiration Days on the subject, in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. We are happy to introduce to you IT and cybersecurity experts who generously will share their knowledge and experiences on this hot topic.

What are the biggest risks right now? How should companies do to protect important information? How is the privacy affected by surveillance cameras? This and much more awaits you on November 21 and 22.

Tomorrow Report – A brand new survey
Right now, a digital revolution is underway. The success stories are many and new opportunities are being created in this very moment. But how can we in Sweden maintain our strong position if there is not enough competence in the country? To adress the issue, we at Sigma IT have asked Kantar Sifo to conduct a survey to learn more on how Swedes think about digitalization and technology.

Be the first to read this interesting report! All guests at the Inspiration Days will receive their own copy, hot off the press.

Sigma’s Inspiration Days in Stockholm and Göteborg with focus on Cybersecurity 

Valhallavägen 117G

21 November 2019
At 8:00–12:45

Keynote speakers:
Daniel Akenine, National Technical Officer, Microsoft
Ulf Eripe, CTO, Anticimex
Sandra Elvin, Head of IT Security, H&M



Lindholmen Science Park

22 November 2019
At 7:30–13:15

Keynote speakers:

Kaja Narum, Business Unit Leader, IBM Security Nordics
Joakim Holt & Joakim Östling, Data Protection Representative and Security Coordinator, Västtrafik
Madeleine Kempe, Cyber Security Program Manager, Saab Defense & Space

 In Gothenburg, there are also several intriguing breakout speakers from other well-known companies in the Swedish business sector.

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