Ciqola Carpets is launched with a brand new webshop, built with Storm Commerce

Ciqola Carpets, offering quality rugs, has now launched its webshop. Ciqola is a new Swedish E-Business company within the Rusta Group. Together with the IT consultant Sigma, Ciqola Carpets has implemented Storm Commerce platform for both E-commerce and PIM.

- At Ciqola Carpets, we have a wide and unique range of affordable quality rugs for every type of room. To market our offer we needed an inspiring and functional webshop, says Andreas Bertilsköld, Project Leader at Ciqola Carpets.

The new webshop has a Storm Commerce platform for digital commerce, with a PIM (Product Information Management) system included, and Umbraco CMS. The platform was implemented by Sigma IT.

– We were looking for a future-proof solution, with good opportunities for rapid and step-by-step development, and found the solution in Storm Commerce. With Sigma as e-commerce partner and Storm Commerce as PIM and e-commerce platform, we have the right systems to market our offer. In addition, Umbraco CMS and Storm Commerce are both intuitive and user-friendly, and these were important requirements for us, Andreas explains.

Sigma IT, who has extensive experience of both e-commerce projects and PIM projects, did the implementation of Ciqola Carpet's webshop.

– We recommended the combination Storm-Umbraco for Ciqola Carpets. Firstly, because the time from decision to launch of the first version, is very short. Storm Commerce has several different APIs and other ready-made functions, which makes it possible for us as a partner to integrate and combine selected systems in a standardized and quality-assured manner. Secondly, it’s easy to create a modern user experience with Umbraco as a tool, and together with Storm Commerce, the solution becomes both efficient and scalable for the future, says Adan Hultgren, Business Developer at Sigma IT.

About Storm Commerce

Storm Commerce is an innovative Swedish tech company that develops a cloud-based e-commerce platform. The platform helps B2B and B2C companies to secure their digital business in the future. A modern system architecture, with the possibility of combining with any CMS, creates an agile and flexible business environment. Together with a growing ecosystem of partners, one of the market's most attractive solutions for scalable e-commerce is offered. Storm Commerce has had the pleasure of creating business value and streamlining e-commerce for almost 10 years and continues to attract customers who have put their digital business high on the agenda.

About Ciqola Carpets

Ciqola Carpets is a Scandinavian online carpet specialist with a carefully selected range of quality carpets. Ciqola Carpets is part of the Rusta Group through the independent and newly established holding company, Homeshop Venture.

About Sigma IT

Unified Commerce is a specialist unit within Sigma IT that supplies ecosystems for digital commerce. Our goal is to give customers a simpler and more efficient management, and to give our customers a better experience. We do this by gathering all systems that deal with digital commerce and customer dialogue to an ecosystem that provides a seamless experience for everyone involved.

More information

Adan Hultgren
Business Developer at Unified Commerce, Sigma IT
+46 730 44 95 15

Michael Hallberg
Chief Commercial Officer, Storm
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Beatrice Silow
Vice President Communication and Culture, Sigma IT
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