Maverick by Sigma upgrades their content offer

Digital full-service agency Maverick by Sigma has created a brand-new team focused on delivering content. Recently they recruited two content specialists who will take the lead.

– We see a growing demand for content with our clients. Therefor we decided to add an experienced team that can start delivering content from the get go. With the skills Maverick already have, this new team reinforce us in our role as a digital full-service agency. In other words, this means that we will have a whole team that deals solely on creating content, says Linda Woxneborn, Agency Manager for the Gothenburg office.

Maverick by Sigma has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö. The agency’s two most recent recruits both have a background as journalists and long experiences from working at content agencies. Claes Bergerlind is the Project Manager for the new team and finds that many customers have difficulties succeeding with their content, even though they have communication strategies in place.

– What is often missing is a clear tactic – how to produce the right content for the right target group, and how to reach them in the right channel at the right time. We believe that the solution is; data driven, that it follows the Inbound Marketing model and last but not least – that it follows an editorial concept that clarifies how the company is supposed to communicate in their own channels and on social media, says Claes.

Sanna Persson is the team’s new Content Strategist and Editor. She describes an increased ambition within many clients to produce more and more content inhouse, but in her experience it often falls short on clients lacking an editorial mindset and time.

– It is exciting to see that more and more clients are realizing the value of working with long term communication, and that they also understand that a structured content workflow not only streamlines the work process, but also strengthens the brand, Sanna concludes.

Maverick is in a growing and recruiting phase and is currently looking for new talents to add to the newly launched content team. 

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Agency Manager

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Project Manager

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Content Strategist

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Kommunikations- och kulturchef, Sigma IT
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