New Business Area Manager for Sigma’s business unit Serve

Sigma IT hires Kristina Lindgren as Business Area Manager for the business unit Serve within IT operations and support.

The mission is to deliver customer-related, modern IT operations and support. More and more companies want their IT as a function and that is the need that Kristina’s unit meets. With vast experience in the technical ecosystem, the unit works with smooth, innovative and efficient IT.

– Starting at Sigma feels perfect. It is a great and inspiring environment with Sigma's vision "Expect a better tomorrow" that match my own desire to make a difference. I look forward to getting to know Sigma and all units, and getting involved in the exciting journey, says Kristina Lindgren.

Kristina has broad experience from IT both in private and public sectors and in various leadership and managerial roles, most recently from Frontit.

Kristina is also part of the management team for Sigma's operation and application development OneIT, and will report directly to business director Urban Berlinde, who says:

– For us, the customers’ needs and success are our top priority. To be able to meet that, it is important to have the right drive and commitment. For that reason, I am very happy and proud that Kristina is on board with us. With her expertise, passion and power, she will make a big difference for our customers and in our company.

For more information:

Beatrice Silow, Director Communications and Culture, Sigma IT
+46 703 791506

Kristina Lindgren, Business Area Manager at Serve, Sigma IT
+ 46 703 037166