Sigma Young Talent delivers another Tech Talent Team to Folksam

Following the success of the first round of Folksam Tech Talent, Folksam is now investing in another introductory and development program together with Sigma Young Talent.

– The outcome of our first Folksam Tech Talent has been very successful. We are very pleased with the structure, and the participants in the program have developed a lot during the past year. They really contribute to innovation and show the way in the journey of change towards modernizing and digitizing Folksam, says Johan Rudén, CIO at Folksam.

This year's program has a clear focus on system development and aims to ensure future-proof specialist expertise in IT. The concept of reverse mentoring, which has been the focus of the first program, has been greatly appreciated by the program participants and will be part of the new program as well.

– We are very proud of renewed trust and really look forward to continued cooperation with Folksam Tech Talent. We will refine the program based on the feedback we have received, and make sure that the content of future programs will be super. In the first program we have, among other things, had popular features such as reverse mentoring and hackaton, and it is concepts that we will take further, says Elin Hölcke, CEO of Sigma Young Talent.

About Folksam
Folksam offers insurance and pension savings that create security in all stages of life. Nearly every other Swede is insured by Folksam, which is one of Sweden's largest asset managers. Folksam's vision is that customers should feel secure in a sustainable world.

Folksam is a large customer-owned company with offices in several parts of the country. Here are many exciting professional roles and good chances for career in different ways. Folksam supports employee development and has good employment benefits. In order to stimulate collaboration and creativity, the work at Folksam is activity-based.

About Sigma Young Talent
Sigma Young Talent focuses on talents at the beginning of their career in IT and R&D, offering the market junior consultants, consulting recruitment and talent programs. Sigma Young Talent is part of the Sigma Group, which consists of leading consulting companies with the goal of making their customers more competitive. To achieve this and keep that promise, Sigma combines its technical know-how, its cutting-edge expertise and passion to constantly develop new and better solutions. Sigma has more than 4400 employees in fourteen countries and is owned by Dan Olofsson's family holding company Danir AB.

For further information, please contact:

Elin Hölcke, CEO, Sigma Young Talent
Telefon: + 46 704 79 03 44

Johan Ward, Business Unit Manager, Sigma Young Talent Stockholm
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Beatrice Silow, Director Communications and Culture, Sigma IT
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