Maverick creates a new web to Svar Life Science

Svar Life Science is a Swedish company with global growth, including plans to expand to the American market. In recent years, the company has increased its focus on delivering products and services to the pharmaceutical industry for streamlining the development and sales and distribution of new drugs.

In order to reflect the company's direction better, the name has changed from Euro Diagnostica to Svar Life Science. In connection with this, a full-scale rebranding has been carried out and Maverick by Sigma helped deliver a brand-new website.

The work has meant that a number of websites and technical solutions have been integrated into one. Svar Life Science has several offers for different markets and customer segments. Therefore, their desire was to obtain a high level of user-friendliness with a Scandinavian look-and-feel that should permeate the design language. As Maverick by Sigma delivers on all platforms, it is always the customer’s need that dictates which platform will be the most useful. For Svar Life Science it was Hubspot, with whom Maverick by Sigma is a Gold Partners.

– In the development of our new website, we have focused on presenting a holistic view of our new brand to give a clear message about who we are, what we stand for, and how we work with innovation and competitive solutions for drug development and clinical research, says Hilda Ovander, Marketing Communications Manager at Svar Life Science.

– Our strategy for developing products and services for pharmaceutical development and personalized medicine opens up opportunities for us to reach out to new markets. Our new website is part of the overall strategy to better reach the market and our customers and to show which solutions Svar can offer, says Jörgen Dahlström, Chief Business Officer / Chief Commercial Officer at Svar Life Science.

Maverick has certificates within, to name a few, IMA (ethical regulations from the Swedish Medical Products Agency) and marketing medical products on Google.

– Digital communication is an extraordinary challenge for companies that are active in Life Science, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. The regulations that companies need to take into account include current technology, communication, ethics, and security place high demands on us as a supplier. The combination of our long experience in marketing within Life Science & Health and our solid knowledge of digital communication has been crucial. The industry is changing. Safe and secure communication is needed, not least digitally, says Tina Rudin Kaikkonen, Business Manager at Maverick by Sigma in Malmö.

Maverick by Sigma is one of Sweden's highest ranked digital communications agencies, awarded silver in the Best Agency of the year 2018 and including a new nomination in 2019. Maverick consists of more than 80 employees in Malmö, Stockholm, and Gothenburg and is constantly growing. Maverick continuously supplies several industries, including Life Science companies.

About Svar Life Science:

Svar Life Science is a Swedish life science company that invents, develops, and applies the best analytical technologies for drug development and clinical research, and establishes practical platforms for routine diagnosis.

Svar is your partner for researching diagnostic strategies for personalized medicine and developing companion diagnostics based on assays customized for you. Once the assays are established, you can use us for dedicated testing in early discovery, preclinical, and clinical phases. Our special competence areas are autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, and cancer, with a focus on IBD and RA. For additional information:

About Maverick by Sigma

Maverick is Sigma IT Consulting's digital communications agency and specialists in solving customer communication needs through digital strategies and creating digital solutions at creative height. Maverick's main areas are: Digital Strategy, Change & Learning, Web & Portals, and Unified Commerce. For additional information:

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