New round of ICA Young IT Professionals Program with Sigma Young Talent

This autumn, a new group of young talents will be welcomed by ICA for the second round of the trainee program ICA Young IT Professionals Program. This is a joint project with ICA Gruppen and Sigma Young Talent who recruits, supports with education and helps operating the program.

”The ICA Young IT Professional Program aims at securing coveted IT competence at ICA. This cooperation with Sigma means that we get support in operating the program and access to Sigma’s large network of IT talents. For us at ICA it is a straightforward and efficient way to attract the right competence to our business – competence that will help us on our immense digitalization journey. We are really looking forward to the second round of the program that starts this autumn and our ambition is to provide the participants with a true dream start of their future career with us at ICA”, says Johanna Wiking at ICA Transformation Office.

The program contains a wide range of different competences such as Business Analysts, Data Engineers, Project Managers, DevOps developers and Azure Specialists. The participants are employed by Sigma Young Talent to continue their careers after the program at ICA.

“We at Sigma Young Talent are proud to start this second round of the Young IT Professionals program in cooperation with ICA. We are looking forward to again support ICA on their digitalization journey and to form their future competence. This program is a great way to attract coveted competence and bring new ideas and energy into the company”, says John Sjöberg, Business manager at Sigma Young Talent.

About ICA Gruppen
The core business of ICA Gruppen is grocery retail. The Group includes ICA Sweden and Rimi Baltic which mainly conduct grocery retail, ICA Real Estate which owns and manages properties, ICA Bank which offers financial services and, since January 2015, Apotek Hjärtat which conducts pharmacy operations.

Om Sigma Young Talent
Sigma Young Talent focuses on talents at the beginning of their careers in IT and R&D, and offers the market junior consultants, consultant recruitment and talent programs. Sigma Young Talent is part of the Sigma Group, which consists of leading consulting companies with the goal of making their customers more competitive. To reach and keep that promise, Sigma combines its technical know-how, its cutting-edge expertise and passion for constantly developing new and better solutions. Sigma has more than 5,000 employees in twelve countries and is owned by the Dan Olofsson family's holding company Danir AB.

For more information

John Sjöberg
Business Manager Sigma Young Talent
Telephone: + 46 702 42 05 13

Johan Ward
Business Unit Manager Sigma Young Talent Stockholm
Telephone: + 46 709 55 04 44

Beatrice Silow
Director Communications and Culture, Sigma IT
Telephone: +46 703 79 15 06