Sigma and Danir extend their commitment to the Swedish Parasport Association and are now main sponsor to Special Olympics Sweden

Sigma and Danir become main sponsor of Special Olympics Sweden. Photo: Special Olympics Sweden

After launching ‘Funkisfonden’ last year, an initiative to inspire more people with intellectual disabilities to become physically active, Sigma and Danir have expanded their commitment and become the main sponsor of Special Olympics Sweden.

The collaboration with the Swedish Parasport Association started last year with Funkisfonden, where Sigma and their owner Danir gave a voice to athletes with intellectual disabilities. Funkisfonden shared the stories of those who train and compete, even though the conditions and theaccessibility to sports are not always the best. During that year, in addition to a greater awareness of the importance of exercise and sports for this group of people, Funkisfonden generated nearly SEK 200,000, which went in full to Special Olympics Sweden and their further work for these athletes.

The involvement in and the commitment to Special Olympics Sweden deepened during the year with Funkisfonden, which now results in Sigma and Danir joining as the main sponsor of Special Olympics Sweden and sponsor of the Swedish Parasport Association. The sponsorship extends from 2020 and three years on, and Sigma's goal, is to continue the work of inspiring even more people with intellectual disabilities to start with a physical activity or sport.

Part of the sponsorship is to continue the successful work on sports days in special needs schools: Special Olympics School Days. Since the start in 2015, thousands of pupils with intellectual disabilities, have been given the opportunity to try sports every year. Linnéa Björndahl, Head of Special Olympics Sweden, is confident that Sigma's commitment will develop the Special Olympics School Days and make them even better. The Special Olympics School Days introduce the pupils to an active life in a fun and easy way. Everyone participates according to their own capacity and the local sports clubs that participate during the day contribute to minimizing the step to becoming physically active in their spare time. With Sigma's support, Special Olympics Sweden wants to focus even more on the work of following up how many pupils continue in after school physical activity, so that they can follow up the effect of the Special Olympics School Days and that it works.

“We have seen up close what difference sports, exercise and team belonging makes for people with intellectual disabilities. We want to continue to contribute to this and when we were asked to become the main sponsor of Special Olympics Sweden, the answer was given,” says Johan Glennmo, CEO of Danir.

“The fact that Sigma chooses to enter as the main sponsor means a lot to us within the Swedish Parasport Association and Special Olympics Sweden. Their support means that we can continue the work of highlighting and increasing the interest in sports for people with intellectual disabilities,” says Linnéa Björndahl, Head of Special Olympics Sweden.

“People with intellectual disabilities are by far the largest group within parasport, but also the one with the least resources. Now we can work long-term in creating more activities and events, which will make a big difference for how many we will be able to recruit to the sport,” continues Linnéa Björndahl.

For more information please contact:
Johan Glennmo, CEO Danir AB, owner of Sigma Group
Telephone: +46 703-79 52 54

Linnéa Björndahl, Head of Special Olympics Sweden
Telephone: +46 725-04 32 02

Beatrice Silow, Director Communications and Culture, Sigma IT Group
+46 703 79 1506

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