Sigma IT Consulting Accelerate Digitalization within Asset Management

The need for digitalization for various asset intensive businesses is huge. Now Sigma IT Consulting is starting an Asset Performance Center to accelerate the development for customers who want to be at the forefront.

Digitization creates new opportunities for various asset intensive businesses to increase their availability and optimize maintenance with significant cost savings as a result. 

Sigma IT Consulting starts Asset Performance Center

To accelerate this development, Sigma IT Consulting opens a new competence center – Asset Performance Center. The purpose is to gather the broad experience Sigma has from various customers, technology partners, universities and industry organizations to create solutions that quickly provides results for those customers who want to be in the forefront of digitization.

With Asset Performance Center, broad experience and competencies are brought together in order to accelerate the development of solutions for those customers who want to be in the forefront of digitalization in asset management and maintenance.

– With Asset Performance Center, we can develop the future digitalized solutions within asset management and maintenance more rapidly. One example is that Asset by Sigma together with IBM and a customer in the automotive industry are now developing a maintenance system that is completely mobile for the maintenance staff. Another example is the various research projects we participate in together with technology partners, universities and the industry when it comes to using AI to optimize maintenance, simply put to make the right action at the right time, says Peter Lorenz, Director at Asset by Sigma.

– For our solutions within AI and predictive maintenance, we were also awarded partner of the year for most innovative solution by Microsoft last year. With Asset Performance Center, we help customers who want to get the benefit of the latest digital technology faster, concludes Peter Lorenz.

More information

Peter Lorenz
Business Manager, Asset by Sigma
+46 70 309 34 07

Beatrice Silow
Director Communications and Culture, Sigma IT Consulting
+46 703 79 1506

Asset by Sigma is a specialist unit within Sigma IT Consulting who works with digitization within asset management and maintenance in various heavy-duty operations such as industry, energy, transport and infrastructure. Asset by Sigma has about 50 employees in Sweden, Finland and India. 

Sigma is a leading consulting group with an objective to make our customers more competitive. Our means is technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. In total we are 4400 employees in fourteen countries. Sigma is owned by Danir, held by the Dan Olofsson family.